Monday, January 18, 2010

Whitney Pockets (Deep Desert Reds)

Whitney Pockets is a first class destination for any outdoor enthusiast. It is easily accessible and offers a variety of activities for almost any adventurer. It offers not only breathtaking scenery, with magnificent rock formations and a wide variety of desert colors, but also has a deep cultural and historical back-story.

Whitney Pockets sits at the base of the Virgin Range, or Bunkerville Mountain as known by the locals. Whitney Pockets can be found 24 winding miles off I-15 near Mesquite Nevada. The road is oiled all the way to the red rocks but is rough and poorly maintained, if maintained at all. It is not problem, in my opinion, for a car or low clearance vehicle to make the trip out to Whitney Pockets.

Once you reach the deep desert red rocks you can hike, take photographs, camp, picnic, explore the many caves, visit the dam built by Luke Whitney in 1886 later refurbished by the CCC, or one of the many other outdoor activities. Whitney Pockets is also the gateway to many other great back country ramblings.

Vicinity Destinations

Luke Whitney Petroglyphs, Keyhole Canyon, Red Bluff Springs, Devils Throat, Gold Butte Headquarters, Hells Kitchen, Scanlon Dugway, Grand Wash Bay, Cedar Basin

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  1. great video on the Gold Butte country! Great photography, makes you want to go visit the area!